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Homeowners Insurance

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Affordable Homeowners Insurance in Bee Cave, Lakeway, and Austin, Texas

Looking for better home insurance options? Call now for a quote from multiple A rated companies - 512-261-9053. We quote you with multiple A rated companies, bundle your policy with auto insurance for maximum discounts, and find the best fit for your family. Our mission is to provide you with Better Coverage, Service & Rates. We offer a thorough evaluation of your insurance needs, and better options to protect your family & home. We offer only the best & better Texas homeowner policies: HO-5 (best), HO-3 (better), but no HO-2 (good).

Different Types of Home Insurance Policies

Almost all homeowner policies on the market are different, and not understanding the key differences could cost you thousands of dollars from a denied claim. Would you expect your home policy to cover structural damage from a slow undetected water leak that caused wood rot, or water damage from a broken water line inside your slab, how about sewer backing up into your home, or maybe a leak in your roof allows rain water into your home causing interior water damage? Some companies don't offer coverage for these examples, and some might even deduct for depreciation when paying for your hail damaged roof instead of paying the full replacement cost. Ask about our comprehensive HO-5 & HO-3 policies that many times cost less than other lesser policies. 

Home Insurance Options

Scheduled personal property provides more comprehensive coverage for jewelry, fine arts, cameras, and golf clubs. Homeowner policy discounts include age of home, multi-policy, newer roof, and alarm system.

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From our Blog

What’s the difference between Replacement Cost & Actual Cash Value policies?

A replacement cost policy will pay you the cost to repair or replace a loss less your deductible. An actual cash value policy will pay you the cost to repair or replace a loss less depreciation, and then subtracts your deductible. Replacement cost policies have been the standard, but lately some insurance companies are selling hybrid type policies that include replacement cost coverage from some losses, and actual cash value coverage for other losses like wind & hail damage to your roof. Which policy type do you have?

What’s the difference between Texas homeowner policies –                HO2 (good), HO3 (better), and HO5 (best)?

The fundamental difference is open peril coverage vs. named peril coverage. Open peril policies cover any sudden & accidental damage unless specifically excluded. Named peril policies cover only specific perils listed in the policy like wind, hail, and fire. The HO2 policy provides named peril coverage for your home & personal property. The better HO3 policy provides open peril coverage for your home, and named peril coverage for personal property. The best HO5 policy provides open peril coverage for both your home & personal property and is the most comprehensive policy.