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Bee Cave Insurance Agency is an independent and locally owned insurance agency serving Bee Cave, Lakeway, Horseshoe Bay, and Austin, Texas. We help people find quality and affordable home insurance & auto insurance products from a variety of trusted insurance carriers. We specialize in customer service by evaluating your current protection needs, and not just quoting what you already have. We want our clients to expect more from our relationship than us selling you an insurance policy, and then filing your information away. We check in on a regular basis to address your changing needs. We work with you at claims time to ensure your satisfaction, and to help you receive a fair settlement. Give us a call to join our insurance agency family, we'll handle all the paperwork with your current insurance and mortgage companies to facilitate a smooth transition. Call, Switch & Save Today!

What Does Independent Mean?

Independent means that we do not work exclusively for one insurance company. We choose the insurance companies we work with based on the quality of their policies, competitiveness, complaint ratios, ease of doing

business, and more. We have the flexibility of working with multiple A rated insurance companies to find the best fit for your individual needs and the ability to move to different insurance companies as the marketplace changes. 

We shop for the best insurance companies so that you don't have to.  

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Better Coverage, Service & Rates for our clients. We quote coverage based on your current needs, and not what you already have. Our proposal lines up your current coverage side-by-side with new coverage that we feel is the best fit for you. Our comprehensive comparison tool will show you much more detail than a typical quote. If we can't provide a better insurance value, we'll point out any gaps in your current coverage that you might want to work on. We are your advocate at claim time, whether you're filling a claim on your policy or need our experience when filling a claim with another insurance company. We are committed to the highest level of ethics and integrity. We are also committed to our community, as evidenced by our financial and time contributions to our fellow brothers and sisters. 

Serving Bee Cave, Lakeway, Horseshoe Bay, Austin, and all of Texas