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Homeowners Insurance

from Bee Cave Insurance Agency

Call now for quotes from some of the best home insurance companies. We provide a thorough evaluation of your insurance needs and options to better protect your family & property. We'll bundle your policy with auto insurance for max discounts, and find the best fit for your family. Our goal is to provide our clients with Better Coverage, Service & Rates. We offer the HO-2 (good), HO-3 (better), and HO-5 (best) homeowner policies.

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Different Types of Home Insurance Policies

Most home insurance policies on the market are different, and not understanding the key differences could cost you thousands of dollars at claim time. An “Open Peril” policy provides much better coverage than a “Named Peril” policy, and is the policy of choice for insurance professionals. Did you know that many home policies deduct depreciation when paying for your hail damaged roof based on the age of your roof? Is your metal roof covered for cosmetic hail damage? Call today, we're here to help you navigate policy differences, limits, and options. Ask about our comprehensive HO-5 & HO-3 homeowner policies that many times cost less than other lesser policies. 

Home Insurance Discounts & Options

Homeowner insurance policy discounts include: age of home, multi-policy, gated community, claim free, newer roof, fire sprinkler system, and alarm system. Homeowner insurance policy options to pay attention to are: water damage, mold remediation, replacement cost coverage vs. actual cash value, foundation water damage, sewer & water backup, water seepage or leakage, and scheduled personal property. 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Which home insurance policy is best? The best homeowner insurance policies in Texas are the HO-5 & HO-3 policies that include "open peril" coverage. We're here to help you navigate policy differences and options.

Open Peril coverage vs. Named Peril coverage? Open peril coverage is more comprehensive and covers your property for any sudden & accident loss unless specifically excluded in the policy. Named peril coverage is more basic and covers your property for about 16 named perils. Unfortunately, there are many more than 16 things that can damage your home. The HO5 policy (best) provides open peril coverage for your home & personal property, the HO3 policy (better) provides open peril coverage for your home and named peril coverage for your personal property, and the HO2 policy (good) provides named peril coverage for your home & personal property. 

How much home insurance do I need? Insurance companies use replacement cost estimators to estimate the replacement cost value of your home. This includes characteristics of your home like size, construction type, interior quality and more. Make sure the dwelling limit on your homeowners policy is up to date, as it's estimated that over 60% of homeowners are underinsured. We review your policies every year, and will help you keep an eye on the big picture. 

How much home insurance costs? The cost is different for every home, but the main rating factors are location, age of home, exterior construction type, roof type & age, insurance score, and distance to responding fire department. We have many options to choose from in order to find the best fit to protect your family and home. 

Why home insurance rates increase? This is usually because of three items. First, most insurance companies increase the amount your home is insured for each year to keep up with inflation. Second, some of the discounts on homeowner policies decrease each year - age of home, and age of roof. Third, home insurance rates can increase based on increased frequency & severity of claims. In Texas, we're experiencing more catastrophic storms, and the cost to repair homes based on building materials & labor is going up. We'll help you find a good balance between quality coverage for one of your biggest assets and cost.

Where to buy home insurance? Online shopping is becoming more prevalent, but attempting to navigate insurance policies & coverage limits without a licensed professional could cost you thousands at claim time. We have found that many people using online insurance companies end up with inadequate coverage and higher rates. Give us a call, we make finding the right coverage easy and painless.  


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